Choosing of appropriate couplings
  • 1. How to choose Type : Coupling type depends on the application and the opreating conditions.
    Please see the table on page 8 and then choose the most suitable couplings.
    (Notice: Positive engagement for lifting motion only)
  • 2. How to calculate the nominal torque Ta(Nm) of the driven machine. Ta = 9550 x kw/n
    (kW = driven machine, n = speed(min-1))
  • 3. How to determine the service factor(Sf) Please see the table in each catalogue.
    Please check whether below.
    • if the driven machine is an internal combustion engine that has over 20% of the torque fluctuation, read page 10.
    • if the driving speed is nearly critical speed, please ask the person in charge.
    • if the ambient temperature is over 60 degrees Celsius, please ask the person in charge.
    • if the number of starts per hour is over 10 times, please ask the person in charge.
  • 4. How to calculate the equivalent torque Teq(Nm) Teq = Ta x (Sf + St)
    Ta = torque(Nm) of the driven machine, Sf = service factor, St = Temperature service factor (see no. 8 blelow)
  • 5. Be the nominal torque of the coupling(TN) bigger than Teq Please check dimensional drawings
    TN ≥ Teq
    TN = norminal torque of the coupling (refer to dimensional drawings)
  • 6. Checking of the selection Tmax = the maximal peak torque
    Tmax ≤ 2 x TN
  • 7. How to check the bores If the diameters of the shaft are known, please check coincident bores are available if possible.
    When the couplings need bore and keyway, please be advised that the dimensions and tolerances are precise.